Unplug 06/04 | Plug-in Finissage no MAAT


Plug-In, Joana Vasconcelos' exhibition is now the most visited exhibition in the history of the museum, having welcomed more than 260,000 visitors to MAAT, where it has been on view for the last six months. To honour this feat, on 6 April the finissage will take place featuring a 12-hour porgram with yoga, meditation, talks on art and humour, and contemporary dance performances that engage with the oeuvre of Joana Vasconcelos.

Yoga with Art
MAAT Gallery - Oval Gallery - Valkyrie Octopus

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Heart Chakra Meditation
MAAT Gallery - Oval Gallery - Valkyrie Octopus

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Talk with Joana Vasconcelos and Fernando Alvim
MAAT Gallery - Oval Gallery - Valkyrie Octopus

A talk with artist Joana Vasconcelos and comedian Fernando Alvim on the subject of “humour, art, and creativity”. We will talk about how to take humour seriously and how art uses humour to make us think and question the world around us.

TYPE TYPE TYPE WORLD, dance performance featuring EDEVA
MAAT Gallery - Oval Gallery - Valkyrie Octopus

In this peculiar and fascinating world, life is like a big typewriter.

Each dancer represents a letter in constant movement, contributing to the composition of visual words in the form of dance. Every movement is a syllable, a letter, a punctuation mark that merges into a unique and vibrant choreography. As the dancers move in harmony, they form words and phrases that echo the rhythms and arteries of life, reflecting on the interconnectedness and beauty of human communication. In a world where words have the power to create and mould realities, Type Type Type WORLD offers an inspiring vision of the power of expression in modern society.

The Eva Vieira de Almeida Dance School (EDEVA), established in 2014 in the historic centre of Oeiras, is an institution dedicated to shaping dance students into versatile and unique artists. With an approach centred on the expression of each student's individuality through dance, the school aims to develop dancers of excellence, capable of facing challenges with precision and artistry. In tune with a constantly evolving society, the school provides an environment where students can explore and grow, ensuring that each one stands out as a complete artist. In addition, the school is committed to promoting a culture of equity and justice, eliminating marginalisation and condemning racism and discrimination. Through dance, the school not only transmits technical skills, but also promotes values of inclusion and self-awareness, bringing its truth to the public and building a more just and conscious community.

ÊXODO [EXODUS], dance performance featuring MAHATMA
MAAT Central - Low Pressure South - Tree of Life

The audience is invited to take part in this journey of self-discovery, growth, and empathy, acknowledging that we are all made of the same essence and matter, sharing the responsibility of preventing evil from prevailing.

MAHATMA DANCE COMPANY, founded in November 2021 as part of the Eva Vieira de Almeida Dance School, has the mission of spreading dance as a universal language of connection and sharing. Committed to art as a tool for transformation, the company focuses on working with children and young people, believing that artistic expression can sow goodness in a world lacking genuine emotions. Through MAHATMA, they seek to elevate feelings and emotions that are often ignored, connecting with the vastness of existence. The show ÊXODO [EXODUS] addresses the idea of escaping from something, facing future challenges and cultivating hope for a better world. Everyone is invited to take part in this journey of self-discovery, growth, and empathy, acknowledging that we are all made of the same essence and sharing the responsibility of preventing evil from prevailing.

DJ live performance HNRQ
MAAT Central - Praça do Carvão square

Hnrq is a DJ, programmer and yogi. It’s in this multidisciplinarity that he finds center, bringing together Yin and Yang. He debuted in 2006 in the small bars of Bairro Alto, Lisbon and since 2008 he has been a regular presence in clubs and festivals across the country. In 2018 he began his journey in Yoga Iyengar and since 2021 he has been in training to become a teacher in the future. In 2020 he was invited to join the Lux Frágil team and in 2023 he debuted his Visceral night. His sets take us through the most sumptuous jungles that dance music culture has to offer and stand out in these times marked by a constant excess of pragmatism and functionality.


- General: €15 (doesn't include yoga)

- MAAT Members: free (doesn't include yoga). 

- Yoga: €25 (includes full day museum entry)

 All modalities require the exchange of tickets for MAAT bracelets to enter the Museum and leave multiple times during the day. Learn more here.