Jardim do Éden (Alcázar) [Garden of Eden (Alcazar)],, 2009
Plastic flowers, synchronous micromotors, compact fluorescent light bulbs, transparent polychrome acrylic discs, electric system, spandex, PVC, MDF

Dimensions variable

Collection of the artist

Work produced with the support of The New Art Gallery Walsall and Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma

Jardim do Éden is an installation produced using artificial flowers emerging from cylinders coated in black Lycra. Inside the cylinders, lights, synchronous motors and transparent polychrome discs rotate, activating a light conducting effect similar to that produced by optical fibre, generating stunning colour variations and an illusion of movement resembling insects or a light breeze. The installation imposes itself as a negative of the classical garden by opposing some of its defining characteristics. The garden as a paradigm of the notion of replacement eco-system appears here as a simulacrum of nature. However, the path of this wondrous low-tech Eden reveals the blatant artificiality in the flowers and in the light that brightens them, exposes its necessity to be presented in a daylight deprived indoor space and brings forth the mechanical sound of hundreds of motors, thus engendering the oneiric sabotage of the fraudulent hyper-reality and simulation mechanisms.

2009 Jardim do Éden (Alcázar), TREM Galeria Municipal de Arte, Faro