Coração Independente Dourado [Golden Independent Heart], 2004
Translucent plastic cutlery, painted iron, metal chain, motor, power supply unit, sound installation

Songs performed by Amália Rodrigues: Estranha Forma de Vida [Strange Way of Life] (Alfredo Rodrigo Duarte/Amália Rodrigues), Maldição [Curse] (Joaquim Campos da Silva/Armando Vieira Pinto), Gaivota [Seagull] (Alain Oulman/Alexandre O'Neill). Authorized by IPLAY - Som e Imagem/(P) Valentim de Carvalho.

385 x 225 x 50 cm

Georges Marci Collection, Gstaad

Golden Independent Heart presents itself in the shape of an enormous 'heart of Viana', the iconic piece of Portuguese filigree, patiently filled in with red plastic cutlery. Suspended from its axis, the work makes a movement of circular rotation, evoking the cycles of life and of the eternal return, accompanied by the sound of three meaningful fado songs, Estranha Forma de Vida [Strange Way of Life], Gaivota [Seagull] and Maldição [Curse], interpreted by Amália Rodrigues, diva of Portuguese music in the second half of the 20th century. The title of the work is taken precisely from a verse of the first of these three fados, written by Alfredo Duarte (Marceneiro) and Amália Rodrigues, whose lyric invokes the conflict between emotion and reason. By multiplying the use of plastic cutlery to the point of abstraction of their original form in order to convert them into a work of art inspired by a precious piece of filigree, the initial referents are transfigured by the suggested new social and artistic schemes, thus exposing the artificiality of the boundaries separating luxury and vulgarity. Golden Independent Heart presents itself as a powerful and emotive installation of sound and movement; a diptych dedicated to wealth, love and death, recurring themes in the lyrics of fado.

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