Pavillon de Vin (AP), 2016
Wrought iron, vine plants

550 x 330 cm

Collection of the artist

A huge structure made of wrought iron takes on the shape of a demijohn, making a monumental presence outdoors. The distinctive patterns of balcony railings are immediately recognizable in the shapes of their iron bars. The wrought iron, an architectural material simultaneously functional and decorative, has a structural importance in the construction of objects whose domesticity is denied by the amplification of their usual scales. At once an arbour and a sculpture, it accommodates vines that trail up the structures in a harmonious combination between industry and nature. Pavillon de Vin challenges and enchants, transferring everyday life's programmed routines into a strange yet at the same time familiar world.

2017 Blickachsen 11, Bad Homburg; Frankfurt Rhine-Main

WASSERTHEUSER, Elisabeth - Blickachsen 11. Cologne: Wienand, 2017. ISBN978-3-86832-422-8