Valkyrie Octopus, 2015
Handmade cotton crochet, felt appliqués, industrial knitted fabric, fabrics, LED, ornaments, inflatable, power supply unit, steel cables

1375 x 1630 x 3400 cm

Collection of the artist

Work produced in collaboration with the artisans of Nisa

Seductive organic shapes and elongated arms that resemble tentacles burst out of the main body of Valkyrie Octopus, reaching the aquarium of the Grande Praça and the three sculptures on the ground. A variety of textures and rich details are the result of textiles and materials from different sources, combining artisanal techniques such as crochet, Nisa embroidery (from the Alto Alentejo region of Portugal) and bugle beads with factory-made textiles and thousands of LED lights, creating a spectacular play of light and life. Valkyrie Octopus will take on the character of a gentle guardian: the sublime heart of the Grande Praça.

2015 Joana Vasconcelos at MGM MACAU, MGM MACAU, Macao

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