Barco da Mariquinhas [Mariquinhas' Boat], 2002
Azulejos industriais, fibra de vidro, madeira

40 x 111 x 236 cm

Coleção particular, Seul

The geographic location of Portugal - peripheral in regard to the centre of Europe, but outlined by an extensive maritime coast - has enabled the development of a deep and meaningful relationship between the Portuguese and the sea. This assumed geographical and historical circumstance is revisited in the piece Barco da Mariquinhas [Mariquinhas' Boat], which comprises a row-boat covered in commonplace tiles with varied patterns, normally used to line the interiors and exteriors of many Portuguese homes. The improbable association between kitsch tiling and the small boat, along with the title derived from the poem "A Casa da Mariquinhas", rendered popular in several different versions for Fado, draws us to the metaphor of the sea as being the home of the Portuguese, but not before attributing to it a derisive and a profound paradoxical meaning.